Daugavpils is the second largest city in Latvia. It is located approximately 230 km south-east from the Riga, on the banks of the River Daugava, from which the city got its name. Daugavpils literally means "Castle on the Daugava". The city is surrounded by many lakes and nature parks. The Daugavpils Fortress is a symbol of the city. It is an outstanding fortification that occupies more than 150 ha. Some buildings of the forthress have been recently renovated. The multifunctional institution of arts is situated in the Arsenal building at Daugavpils Fortress. The Mark Rothko Art Centre is the only place in Eastern Europe where it is possible to see an original works of Mark Rothko - the preeminent artist of the XX century, a founder of Abstract Expressionism.

The conference venue - Building of Life Sciences and Technology of the Daugavpils University (Parādes Str. 1A) is situated within walking distance of the city centre and railway and bus stations.

All facilities, restaurants, cafe, banks, post, gardens are nearby, at easy walking distance. The city of Daugavpils offers a multicultural, friendly and pleasant atmosphere, with excellent facilities for both scientific and social activities!


Conference map

Building of Life Sciences and Technology (Parades Str. 1A, Daugavpils)

Institute of Life Sciences and Technology
Daugavpils University
Parādes Str. 1a - 101, Daugavpils,
LV-5401, Latvia